ABSTRACT Paintings

Visceral- Kyle Landas Abstract Art
Keepp Your Eyes Open On The Way Down
Even Dead Crows Feel The Rain
Living in the Moment
Beautiful Fracture Abstract Painting
Perfidious-Kyle Landas Abstract Art
Manic Flame - Abstract Painting
Till Death Do Us Part
Let Me Out-
Still Rising Despite The Pain
Prominence- Mixed Media
Decending - abstract art
Mixed Signals abstract art
The Wind Will Guide You
The Moment My Heart Let Go
It Takes Two To Be Dirty
Shroud Of Darkeness

© 2018 Kyle Landas

Still Rising Despite The Pain

Abstract on distressed leather. This was an intense two week process of about 40 layers of acrylic paint, gel medium and spray paint. I used pallet knives, razor blades and broken glass pieces to distress each layer and expose parts of the layers below. To finish the piece off I did multple layers of transparent texture work that really bring the whole thing to life.