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leather wall art

Clairsentience- Kyle Landas Leather Art- Faceless Soul
Something Inside-
Banjo Man
Wave of Regression
Beneath The Surface
Something To Live For
Waiting In Silence-
Shithouse Lurker
Crucified-Facelesss Souls=
You Make The Darkness Go Away
Under Your Thumb
The Scream - 2016
Support & Embrace
Eternal Flow Of Unity
Love Me For Who I Am,
you are not alone-Kyle Landas-leather art
Unity Tree Leather Carving
Afterlife Before Birth
Made to hold Johnny Cash's Script
When I Get Old-Marilyn Manson Collab
Hiding From the Weight of the World_  Faceless Souls
Aura of Loneliness
Life Without Fingers-Faceless Souls
Fire Down Below- Faceless Souls
Sid Phelps Album Cover
Why Don't You Miss Me
Cheyene Frontier Days Rodeo!! Hand tooled leather, piano strings
David Bowie Leather Sculpture
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